Did you know that I am a Notary?

With the increase in identity theft, businesses and governments require signatures to be notarized for more and more documents.

Schedule permitting, for your convenience, I offer traveling notary service to my neighbors.

Notary Fee

Notary service fee is $10 per signature as stipulated by California regulation for the first 5 documents. Thereafter a discount of $1 per signature applies for every multiples of 5 with a minimum of $5 per signature.

Traveling Fee

There is no travel fee within 1 mile radius of Arnold Elementary School in Cypress, CA.

But if you live farther away, a traveling fee will apply. Traveling fee, for gas, mileage, and drive time, starts at $0 for the first 1 miles of my office and thereafter, $10 per 2.5 miles up to a maximum of $60. So I may be unable to attend if you are located too far!

Appointment Required

As my notary service is ancillary to my brokerage services, an appointment is necessary.

Call me appointment and availability at (714) 932-3277 or you can inquire by email.